Welcome to:  Mechanical Insulation Contracting Inc
  MICI Provides full service mechanical insulation contracting services to industrial facilities and commercial buildings in Oregon and Washington.
  Our capabilities include installing insulation on: boilers, tanks, pumps, piping, valves, vessels, ductwork and many other mechanical system applications on new and asbestos abated also.
  MICI is based from in Portland Oregon, is a full service contractor offering professional installation services and materials to a wide variety of customers in Oregon and Washington including:   Solar Systems Plants, Food Industries, Breweries/Wineries, Power Plants, Waste Water Treatment, Manufacturing Industries, Schools, Hospitals, Government agency, Commercial and Retail Buildings, Plumbing Contractors, Mechanical Contractors.
Pipe Insulations including:
           Fiberglass, Calcium Silicate, Foamglass, Polyurethane and Rubber
HVAC Insulations including:
            Fiberglass Duct Wrap, Grease Ducts and Boardglass
Jackets and Fittings including:
            PVC, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Custom made removable/reuseable insulation blankets

  MICI will serve our customers and team projects, with excellence.  We will provide only top-quality workmanship performed by trained professionals in a safe working environment.
  All members have passed Homeland Security and Drug testing and any applicants feel free to apply!!!
For service or and estimate CALL  Jim 503 777 0221 or
Email micicontracting@aol.com